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German courses with a sustainable impact for your company

Mit unseren auf Sie zugeschnittenen Kursen stärken Sie die Kommunikationsfähigkeiten Ihrer Mitarbeiter.

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How we can support you


Various training formats

Your employees will learn live with diverse exercises and communicative group activities on our innovative learning platform.

We provide on-site teaching at your company in Baden-Württemberg or offer a blended learning concept.


Measurable success

During feedback sessions, we regularly exchange thoughts with the participants about successes and challenges.

We regularly update you on the progress of your employees and offer recommen-dations to enhance their language skills within the professional setting.


Unique learning plan

Our courses are customized specifically for your company and its industry, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

Due to role-playing and simulations that replicate real-life professional situations, we foster a practical and realistic development of language skills.

What we are focused on


Individual approach

Our primary goal is to facilitate sustainable success for both your employees and your company through our collaboration. We prioritize delivering exceptional service, upholding the highest quality standards, and cultivating long-term partnerships. As an integral part of our service, we offer a dedicated point of contact who will be available to assist you at all times.


Comfort and effisience

We provide a successful combination of live teaching and an interactive platform accessible 24/7 to your employees. Within their personal accounts, they will discover a wealth of resources such as texts, videos, audio files, and exercises, accessible from any location.


Cultural integration

Our language courses facilitate cultural integration and bring forth various advantages. They foster a positive environment, promote teamwork, and enhance comprehension between colleagues, management, and customers. Our dedicated focus on cultural integration contributes to building an inclusive company culture that values respect and growth.

Our plans

One-to-one classes

  • Intensive support and individual customization tailored to the needs of the employee and the specific requirements of your company.
  • In the supportive learning environment, there is ample space for speaking practice and addressing the employee's questions.
  • The course content and schedule are tailored to align with the operational demands and the employee's time availability.

Mini-group classes

  • In groups consisting of a maximum of six participants, the individual backgrounds and knowledge of the employees are considered, ensuring effective communication on equal terms among all participants.
  • In a pleasant learning atmosphere, participants motivate and support each other, leading to increased engagement and motivation for each individual.
  • Rapid learning success is particularly achieved through active speaking and diverse interactions within the group.

Group classes

  • The group of up to 10 participants enables exchange with a diverse range of people with different backgrounds.
  • A dynamic learning atmosphere emerges with lively discussions, interactions, and activities.
  • However, in this group size, individual guidance and support may be limited, which means that specific needs of each participant may not always be fully addressed.

Our courses cater to all proficiency levels and can take place online, on-site, or in a blended-learning format. The course duration is flexible to suit your preferences, requirements, and time availability. After a consultation, we will create a tailor-made offer to meet your needs and expectations, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit. Contact us now to get started on your language journey!

Insights into our corporate trainings


Free consultation


Creation of a customized offer


Placement of employees


Group formation


Presentation of the learning plan




Regular and mitivating traning


Continuous progress monitoring


Goal achieved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our diverse courses are designed to enhance communication skills in German, expand vocabulary and grammar knowledge, and foster intercultural competence. This leads to higher team satisfaction and increased efficiency in the workplace. Additionally, advanced German language skills can open up new opportunities for career growth and development within your organization.

Our German courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of employees in the corporate setting. They are practical and focused on improving language skills within a professional context. The courses include a mix of oral communication, writing, reading, listening exercises, role-playing, and practicing everyday situations. The classes can be conducted in groups or as individual training, depending on your requirements.

Our German courses are led by qualified and experienced instructors with a high level of expertise in teaching German as a foreign language. They possess in-depth knowledge of the German language and pedagogical skills to make the learning process effective and engaging. Furthermore, our teachers have experience in handling professional topics and can cater to the specific requirements of your company. Most importantly, all our instructors are deeply dedicated and take great joy in teaching and interacting with your employees. This motivating passion is contagious and positively influences your team!

Yes, we also offer high-quality structured online German courses that have a significant impact despite the distance. These courses are designed to maintain attention and engagement throughout the program. The online format allows your employees to participate from anywhere, regardless of their location. Our online courses utilize modern learning platforms to facilitate interactive lessons, exercises, and real-time communication.