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Recruitment that make your company succeed

We assist in finding appropriate candidates from Germany and other countries, guiding you through the entire process from pre-selection to contract signing. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support for applicants and your company during the onboarding period.

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Reasons to work with us

Customized offer

We believe that the success of a recruitment strategy is closely linked to understanding your individual needs. Therefore, we take the time to capture your expectations. Based on these insights, we then develop a tailored strategy.

Our aim is not only to fill short-term gaps but also to ensure long-term value for your company. We aspire to build a partnership with you based on trust, transparency, and long-term success.

Comprehensive approach

Our company sees itself as a professional intermediary for employees in all industries. However, with our particular expertise in the hotel and gastronomy sector, we are well acquainted with the specific requirements and challenges of this industry.

Through our experience in luxury hotels, we offer candidates an optimal preparation for new professional positions through targeted vocational and language courses.

Extensive support

Our primary objective is to ensure that your potential new team member is a great fit for your company and can independently fulfill their tasks to the utmost satisfaction of all involved parties in the shortest possible time.

For this reason, we provide support to the employee throughout the entire process, as needed and desired. We offer extensive knowledge for integration, customized language courses, and targeted preparation for their future position.


Choose between our packages

Basic package

  • Requirements Analysis: Analysis of the company's needs.
  • Candidate Search: Active search for suitable candidates.
  • Pre-selection: Selection of potential candidates.
  • Assessment and Presentation: Evaluation of candidates and presentation to the company.
  • Interview Coordination: Organization of job interviews.
  • Contract Negotiations: Assistance with contract negotiations.

Premium package

The basic package is partially or fully complemented in the premium package by the following services:

  • German language courses online or in-person at your location in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Preparation to navigate the cultural and professional aspects of working in Germany.
  • Establishment of a welcoming culture in your company.

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Recruiting is a passion of mine, and that's why I personally provide guidance to both companies and candidates. Contributing to the success of both parties fills me with joy. Through our extensive network, we have successfully placed numerous candidates, particularly in the hospitality industry, cosmetics & spa establishments, healthcare (nursing and elderly care), and IT.

I place paramount importance on developing a profound understanding of each company's unique requirements. To achieve this, I conduct comprehensive discussions to grasp the company culture, specific job requirements, and long-term goals. This approach enables me to identify suitable candidates and approach them with precision.

When taking care of candidates, I prioritize considering their individual needs and aspirations. I provide support throughout the application process, conduct interview preparation, and offer guidance throughout the entire journey. Particularly for candidates from abroad, I find it essential to assist with their integration into the new work environment and help them overcome any initial cultural or language barriers.

Providing comprehensive support is pivotal in ensuring long-term satisfaction for both the company and the employee. My aim is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved and foster enduring relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a job placement agency, we essentially cover all industries. However, we have a particular expertise and specialization in the hospitality industry. In this field, we possess extensive knowledge and have access to a large network of qualified candidates. Moreover, we have also successfully made placements in the Beauty & Spa, healthcare, as well as IT sectors. We are always interested in thoroughly understanding new inquiries and specific requirements. This enables us to present a selection of suitable candidates for almost any professional category.

We source potential candidates from both Germany and various countries in Europe. In particular, we have had good experiences with qualified candidates from Hungary, Croatia, Poland, and Ukraine. These candidates are willing to relocate to Germany for the long term.

Our job placement agency charges placement fees, which can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the placed employee's annual salary, depending on the candidate's qualifications. We place significant emphasis on fair and transparent fee structures and provide detailed explanations during a consultation.

Furthermore, there might be additional costs for professional training, language courses, and integration programs aimed at preparing the candidates optimally for their new roles and fostering seamless integration within the company. This approach helps the employees feel valued and increases the likelihood of their long-term commitment to the organization.

The precise costs for these supplementary measures can fluctuate based on the extent and nature of the conducted training and programs.

The duration to find suitable candidates for open positions can depend on various factors. One significant factor is the specific job requirements. The more specialized or specific the requirements are, the longer the search might take as the pool of potential applicants could be limited. On the other hand, a broader job description could expedite the search since there would be a larger pool of applicants available.

Based on our experience, entry-level positions can typically be filled within a month. For qualified professionals, the average timeframe is three to six months, while for specialists and experienced executives, it usually takes four to eight months until they are ready to start. These timeframes serve as rough guidelines and can vary depending on individual circumstances and requirements.